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What are stickers?

What most people mean when they say die cut is a sticker with a unique shape. However, die cut stickers can be almost any kind of sticker type, and the term is referring to how the stickers are cut.


How do you get that cool shape?

We use a laser to cut all our glossy and matte die Cut stickers.


Are they ok outdoors?

They are! Both the glossy and the matte die cut stickers are outdoor durable as well as a UV laminate, so they can be used to help brand your business, as giveaways at your next event, as unique product labels, or as eye-catching bumper stickers.

TBG printing uses the latest state-of-the-art HP Indigo digital label presses for outstanding quality, color consistency and high-resolution on custom printed labels.

Digital presses allow us to print small batch label runs as small as 500 labels with quick turn-around times. Since there are no printing plates or special set-ups like standard flexo label printing, digital labels are very cost-effective.

TBG can help you enhance your brand by using the latest innovations from HP as well as adding gloss or matte varnishes, matte or gloss lamination, cold foil, and other special finishing options to customize your digital labels.

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